Tax Reform is About to Go Hot Hill staff have told us to expect a “more detailed” tax reform proposal from Capitol Hill Republicans Monday (although that could slip). Clearly, they have been making progress on a unity bill, but Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch made it clear at last week’s hearing on individual… Read More

The third quarter of 2017 is officially behind us, and we are moving into the final portion of our year. The NFL is in full swing, school is back, and life begins to barrel at all of us in new ways. Believe it or not, the holidays are around the corner! (In fact, there have… Read More

Our hearts and prayers continue with Houston, and with those in the path or wake of the western wildfires. And now, of course with the entire state of Florida. Fortunately, some of the most dire Irma scenarios did not play out, but we are still dealing with a storm that is the 7th-worst such storm… Read More

All of our hearts are with Houston, and the areas surrounding that have been devastated in the past few days. It feels a bit like Katrina did, though the true measure of the disaster is still yet to be understood (as in New Orleans). What *is* clear is that many lives, businesses, and families have… Read More

During the last six years that I have been working on growing my business to help as many as many people as possible and run marathons. Running is a love that I found while in college and playing lacrosse. Spending time in the gym was not favorite activity, however running a few miles after practice… Read More

This time of year, my office is flooded with hundreds of questions regarding our tax system. Typically my clients are those who want to pay the appropriate amount of taxes.  What they are seeking is a better planning strategy to reduce their taxes.  The retirement or savings credit is one area that can be used… Read More

IRS Reminds Farmers, Fishermen about March 1 Tax Deadline The Internal Revenue Service reminds farmers and fishermen about the March 1 deadline to take advantage of special rules that can allow them to forgo making quarterly estimated tax payments. Taxpayers with income from farming or fishing have until March 1 to file their 2016 Form… Read More

We love the IRS, says no tax payer ever, however here at Hoboken Tax, we do love this organization. Sure they are not always the most efficient organization and they may give us an answer we do not appreciate or like, however they are in the middle of representing the government while working to ensure… Read More

Every year that I have been in business, it has become quite evident that we tend to be retroactive to identity theft issues.  Below is information directly from the IRS newsletter.   “IRS Warns of Video Relay Scam Targeting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Every day scammers come up with new ways to steal taxpayers’… Read More

Business Networking International, or BNI, is a world leader in networking.  We are celebrating our 10th anniversary of International Networking Week, which starts on February 6th.  The premise of BNI, one member representing each profession.  Every week a room full of professionals come together to educate each other on our business, to empower them to… Read More